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  • Relaxed upper version bound for stm.

  • Track recent move of Contravariant to base.

  • Corrected HasUpdate’s superclass constraint.

  • Removed a couple of redundant typeclass constraints.

  • Relaxed upper version bound for transformers.

  • Documentation changes only.

  • Melded the API of foreign-var 0.1 with the API of StateVar
  • Introduced HasUpdate, which permits a wider array of uses of these combinators, including usecases that must update atomically.
  • Switched to multi-parameter typeclasses. This permits Ptr a to be directly employed as an instance of HasGetter, HasUpdate, and HasSetter.

  • Infrastructure changes only.

  • Exposed GettableStateVar, SettableStateVar and StateVar constructors to make writing own instances possible.
  • Added Functor, Applicative and Monad instances for GettableStateVar.
  • Various infrastructure improvements.

  • Initial release.