BSD-3-Clause licensed by Andrew Martin
Maintained by [email protected]
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Module documentation for 1.3.0

The ip package provides types and functions for dealing with IPv4 addresses, CIDR blocks, and MAC addresses. We provide instances for typeclasses found in commonly used packages like aeson, vector, and hashable. We also provide Parsers for working with attoparsec.

Notably, this package does not overload functions by introducing any typeclasses of its own. Neither does it prefix functions with the name of the type that they work on. Instead, functions of the same name are exported by several different modules, and it is expected that end users disambiguate by importing these modules qualified.

The only module intended to be imported unqualified is Net.Types. The types in this package should not conflict with the types in any other commonly used packages.

The following packages are intended to be used with this package:

  • `yesod-ip`: Provides orphan instances needed to work with yesod and persistent. Also, provides a `yesod-form` helper.