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A lightweight plotting library

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plot-light provides functionality for rendering 2D graphics. It is geared in particular towards scientific plotting, and it is called “light” because it only requires a few common Haskell dependencies. It builds upon blaze-svg by adding type-safe combinators, geometry primitives and high-level graphing functionality.


To use this project you just need import Graphics.Rendering.Plot.Light. If GHC complains of name clashes you can import the module in “qualified” form.


Available on Hackage : in the Graphics.Rendering.Plot.Light module


You can use plot-light in your own projects (either personal, academic or commercial). All feedback such as comments, bug reports, new documentation, feature requests and patches is welcome.


BSD-3, see LICENSE file



Remove data-default-*
Improve shape colour representation: shapes can have a colour fill, a coloured contour, or both (see 'ShapeCol').


Add Semigroup instances to everything that had Monoid instances (since from GHC 8.4.2 Semigroup m => Monoid m )


Stackage LTS bump to 11.0 (GHC 8.4.1)
Removed dependencies: palette, attoparsec
Moved data and examples to plot-light-examples
Add bilinear interpolation


Bumped attoparsec-time to >= 1 to reflect module structure change