Binary serialization with version control.

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LTS Haskell 15.14:0.10.3
Stackage Nightly 2020-05-30:0.10.3
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LicenseRef-PublicDomain licensed by David Himmelstrup, Felipe Lessa
Maintained by Lemmih

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An extension to Data.Serialize with built-in version control.



  • Support ghc-8.4.1
  • Travis config for ghc-8.2.1
  • SafeCopy instance for Data.List.NonEmpty.NonEmpty


  • fixed tests to work with QuickCheck-2.8.2
  • add SafeCopy instance for Word
  • updates for template-haskell 2.11
  • export some internal TH derivation helpers


This version changes the way Float and Double are serialized to a more compact format. Old data should be migrated automatically. As a result, however, the Float and Double data serialized by this version can not be read by older versions of safecopy.

This change originated as a modification to the way cereal 0.5 serializes Float and Double.