BSD-3-Clause licensed by Stefan Wehr, Lukas Epple


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Efficiently hash Haskell values with MD5, SHA256, SHA512 and other hashing algorithms.


  • Using cabal: cabal install large-hashable
  • Using Stack: stack install large-hashable

Building from git repository

  • clone the repository
  • Install the stack tool (
  • stack build builds the code
  • stack test builds the code and runs the tests
  • runs the benchmark suite

Changes 2017-03-19
* fixed build on `i686` related to non-fixed size integers 2016-10-10
* fixed build problems because of TemplateHaskell 2.11 2016-08-10
* fixed build issue: added bitfn.h to cabal file 2016-08-09
* initial release
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