A transactional, ACID compliant, embeddable key-value store. https://github.com/haskell-haskey

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BSD3 licensed by Henri Verroken, Steven Keuchel
Maintained by steven.keuchel@gmail.com

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Haskey is a transactional, ACID compliant, embeddable, scalable key-value store written entirely in Haskell. It was developed as part of the Summer of Haskell 2017 project.


A full tutorial can be found in the haskey-mtl library, along with a full code example.

Historical blog posts

Some blog posts have been written on Haskey’s design an internals. These give an insight in the inner workings of Haskey, but the used APIs might be a bit outdated.

  • An introductory blog post on Haskey can be found here.
  • An blog post on user-defined schemas and using the HaskeyT monad can be found here
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