Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications https://github.com/k-bx/protocol-buffers

Version on this page:2.4.11
LTS Haskell 12.22:2.4.11
Stackage Nightly 2018-09-28:2.4.11
Latest on Hackage:2.4.12

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BSD3 licensed by Christopher Edward Kuklewicz
Maintained by Timo von Holtz, Kostiantyn Rybnikov

Module documentation for 2.4.11

There are no documented modules for this package.

To regenerate the plugin haskell files, please run

hprotoc -u --prefix=Text -d protoc-gen-haskell -I google-proto-files/ google/protobuf/plugin.proto

This was last populated from version 2.4.0a of Google's code.

Also, one can invoke cabal build to make dist/autogen and then

ghci -package parsec- -idist/build/autogen -iprotoc-gen-haskell Text/ProtocolBuffers/ProtoCompile.hs

should work.
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