Type-safe and lossless encoding and manipulation of money, fiat currencies, crypto currencies and precious metals.

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LTS Haskell 22.29:0.9.1
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-19:0.9.1
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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Renzo Carbonara
Maintained by renλren!zone
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Module documentation for 0.6

The Haskell safe-money library offers type-safe and lossless encoding and operations for monetary values in all world currencies, including fiat currencies, precious metals and crypto-currencies.

You can enter a development shell with nix-shell, or build with nix build -f release.nix (or similar, check release.nix).


Version 0.6

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. denseToDecimal now takes a positive Rational rather than a Proxy scale.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. denseFromDecimal and discreteFromDecimal now take a positive Rational scale, like their xxxToDecimal counterparts.

  • COMPILE ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. binary, deepseq and text are now mandatory dependencies since they are included with the standard GHC distribution. Thus, the tags for disabling them have been removed.

  • COMPILE ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Text replaced the use of String in the public API. For example, denseCurrency now returns Text, instead of String. This change doesn’t break backwards compatibilility with binary serializations.

  • Introduced a new function discreteToDecimal.

  • Added tests to ensure backwards compatibility of serializations.

Version 0.5

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The round, floor, ceiling and truncate functions were replaced by a single discreteFromDense function taking an argument of type Approximation (Round, Floor, Ceiling or Truncate) as an argument.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The fromDiscrete function was renamed to denseFromDiscrete.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The fromExchangeRate function was renamed to exchangeRateToRational.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The flipExchangeRate function was renamed to exchangeRateRecip.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The Dense is not an instance of Fractional anymore because recip and / could potentially crash.

  • Introduced new functions for rendering and parsing decimal reperesentations of monetary amounts: denseCurrency, discreteCurrency, denseFromDecimal, denseToDecimal, discreteFromDecimal, exchangeRateFromDecimal, exchangeRateToDecimal.

  • Introduced optional AdditiveGroup and VectorSpace group instances for Dense and Discrete. These type-classes come from the vector-space library and they can be enabled or disabled via the vector-space Cabal flag, which is enabled by default.

  • Introduced discrete constructor which behaves just like fromInteger.

  • Introduced the dense' constructor as an unsafe but convenient version of dense.

  • The ErrScaleNonCanonical type is now exported.

  • The Money.Internal module is now exposed, but hidden from the Haddock documentation.

  • New scale: "BTC" "millibitcoin".

  • Added many tests.

Version 0.4.1

  • ExchangeRate is now a Category.

Version 0.4

  • BREAKING CHANGE REQUIRING HUMAN INTERVENTION. The JSON serializations for all of Dense, SomeDense, Discrete, SomeDiscrete, ExchangeRate and SomeExchangeRate changed. The FromJSON instances are backwards compatible with the old serializations, but the ToJSON instances will only generate the new format, which is the same as the old format except the leading strings "Dense", "Discrete" and "ExchangeRate", respectively, are not present in the rendered JSON array anymore. So, if you were manually relying on the ToJSON instance, please update your code.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Changed the Rep suffix for a Some prefix Everywhere. For example, DenseRep was renamed to SomeDense.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Replaced the someDenseAmountNumerator and someDenseAmountDenominator Integers with a single someDenseAmount Rational number. Similarly for someDiscreteScale and someExchangeRateRate. The mkSomeDense, someDiscreteScale and mkSomeDense also take a Rational now.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The truncate, floor, celing and round functions now return just 0 as a reminder if there’s no significant reminder, instead of Nothing.

  • Added instances for serialise.

  • Added instances for xmlbf.

  • Fixed Show instances so that surrounding parentheses are included when necessary.

  • New currencies: Ripple, Litecoin, Ada, Monero.

Version 0.3

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The Data.Money module was renamed to Money.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. The Data.Money.Internal module is not exposed anymore. All of its contents are now exported from the Money module.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Renamed discreteRep to toDiscreteRep.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Renamed denseRep to toDenseRep.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Renamed exchangeRateRep to toExchangeRateRep.

  • COMPILER ASSISTED BREAKING CHANGE. Renamed Iceleandic currency "eyir" to "eyrir"

  • Remove upper bound constraints from all dependencies except base.

  • Made dependency on store optional for the test suite, so that it can run on GHCJS.

Version 0.2

  • Cabal flags are now manual (aeson, binary, bytes, cereal, deepseq, hashable).

  • Backwards compatibility with GHC 7.10.

  • Fix Store instances and test them.

Version 0.1

  • Initial release.