Multi-precision ball (interval) arithmetic

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Michal Konecny
Maintained by Michal Konecny
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This package provides the following types:

  • Dyadic: variable-precision floats with exact ring operations

  • MPBall: float ± error bound with field & elementary interval-like operations

The types have instances of both MixedTypeNumPrelude type classes as well as with traditional Prelude type classes.

There is a plan to add an Integer-only backend so that aern2-mp can be used without MPFR.


Change log for aern2-mp

  • v 2018-11-21
    • small fixes, mainly documentation
  • v 2018-11-20
    • only one MPFR backend - rounded
    • reduce backend-specific code
  • v 2017-11-14
    • fix compilation with haskell-mpfr
  • v 2017-11-14
    • using Claude Heiland-Allen’s Numeric.Rounded.Simple
  • v 2017-09-12
    • first release on Hackage
    • backends: hmpfr and (tweaked) rounded