XML back and forth! Parser, renderer, ToXml, FromXml, fixpoints. https://gitlab.com/k0001/xmlbf

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XML back and forth!

xmlbf provides FromXML and ToXML instances intended to be used as the familiar FromJSON and ToJSON from the aeson package.

Build by running nix-build in the top-level directory. Alternatively, running nix-shell in the top-level directory puts you in a shell where all of the dependencies of this project are available. There you can use cabal and/or ./Setup.hs as usual.



  • Generalized type of pRead.


  • BREAKING CHANGE. pElement now skips leading whitespace before an element.

  • Fixed nested element parsing (#6)


  • BREAKING CHANGE. Renamed df and dfM to dfpos and dfposM respectively.

  • Added dfpre and dfpreM.

  • Improved Show instance for Node.

  • Added element'.


  • Text constructor hidden in favor of a text function plus a Text pattern synonym, just like with element and Element.

  • Documentation: Render Element pattern synonym.


  • First version.