Haskell bindings to bibutils, the bibliography conversion utilities.


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LicenseRef-GPL licensed by Andrea Rossato
Maintained by Václav Haisman
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hs-bibutils is library with Haskell bindings to Chris Putnam’s bibutils, a library that interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common MODS-format XML intermediate.

hs-bibutils can be used with pandoc-citeproc to read and use various bibliographic database formats for processing and automatically formatting citations and references according to a CSL style.

pandoc-citeproc adds to pandoc, the famous Haskell text processing tool, a Bibtex like citation and bibliographic formatting and generation facility.

CSL is an XML language for specifying citation and bibliographic formatting, similar in principle to BibTeX .bst files or the binary style files in commercial products like Endnote or Reference Manager.


The Haddock generated documentation is available here:


Bug Reports

To submit bug reports you can use the hs-bibutils bug tracking system available at the following address:



Thanks to Chris Putnam for his help.


Andrea Rossato

andrea.rossato at unitn dot it


Václav Haisman

vhaisman at gmail dot com

Links to Related Projects

Bibutils : https://sourceforge.net/p/bibutils/home/Bibutils/

Pandoc : https://pandoc.org/

Pandoc-Citeproc : https://github.com/jgm/pandoc-citeproc

Citeproc-hs: : http://istitutocolli.org/repos/citeproc-hs/

CSL : http://xbiblio.sourceforge.net/csl/


This software is released under the GNU GPL. See LICENSE for more details.

This is an early, “alpha” release. It carries no warranties of any kind.

Copyright © 2008 – 2010 Andrea Rossato


  • Import Bibutils 6.7

  • Import Bibutils 6.6.

  • Expose NBIB output support.

  • Import Bibutils 6.5.

  • Import Bibutils 6.4.

  • Fix MacOS X compilation.

  • Update to Bibutils 6.3.

  • Enable NBIB support.

  • Expose additional options values.

  • This is a patch release fixing MacOS X compilation.

  • Patched few minor warnings in imported Bibutils source.

  • Implemented Travis-CI builds through Cabal and Stack.


  • This release has removed wordout_dropkey because the corresponding constant in Bibutils has also been removed.