Probabilistic Functional Programming in Haskell

Martin Erwig, Oregon State University,

These files have been tested with GHC 6.4

Core Library files:

Show.hs Pretty Printing
Probability.hs Core probabilistic module
Visualize.hs Visualization system for use with R


Barber.hs An example of the queueing system
BayesianNetwork.hs Implementing Bayesian networks
Boys.hs A statistical examples
NBoys.hs A generalized version of the previous
Collection.hs Collections and two examples:
Marbles and cards
Dice.hs Rolling dice
MontyHall.hs The "Monty Hall" Game (statistical)
Predator.hs Non-probabilistic, demonstrates visualization
TreeGrowth.hs A simple tree growth example

Visualize output is placed in the file FuSE.R which can be loaded into the
R statistical program to see visualizations.

Randomized values can be displayed to the console using the printR
function, which shows the value from a IO monad function.

Depends on 5 packages:
Used by 2 packages:
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