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Module documentation for 1.1

The Haskell Standard Library -- Random Number Generation

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This library provides a basic interface for (splittable) random number generators.

The API documentation can be found here:

A module supplying this interface is required for Haskell 98 (but not Haskell 2010). An older [version] ( of this library is included with GHC in the haskell98 package. This newer version, with compatible api, is included in the [Haskell Platform] (

Please report bugs in the Github [issue tracker] ( (no longer in the GHC trac).



  • breaking change to randomIValInteger to improve RNG quality and performance see and ghc
  • correct documentation about generated range of Int32 sized values of type Int
  • fix memory leaks by using strict fields and strict atomicModifyIORef' related to ghc trac tickets #7936 and #4218
  • support for base < 4.6 (which doesnt provide strict atomicModifyIORef') and integrating Travis CI support.
  • fix C type in test suite

bump for overflow bug fixes

bump for ticket 8704, build fusion

bump for bug fixes,

bumped version for float/double range bugfix

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