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Ethereum API for Haskell

The Haskell Ethereum API which implements the Generic JSON RPC.

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stack install web3


{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
module Main where

-- Basic imports
import           Network.Ethereum.Web3

-- Eth API support
import qualified Network.Ethereum.Api.Eth   as Eth
import           Network.Ethereum.Api.Types

-- ENS support
import qualified Network.Ethereum.Ens       as Ens

-- Lens to simple param setting
import           Lens.Micro                 ((.~))

main :: IO ()
main = do
    -- Use default provider on http://localhost:8545
    ret <- runWeb3 $ do

        -- Get address of default account
        me <- head <$> Eth.accounts

        -- Get balance of default account on latest block
        myBalance <- Eth.getBalance me Latest

        -- Get half of balance
        let halfBalance = fromWei (myBalance / 2)

        -- Use default account
        withAccount () $ do
            -- Get Ethereum address via ENS
            alice <- Ens.resolve "alice.address.on.eth"
            bob   <- Ens.resolve "bob.address.on.eth"

            -- Send transaction with value
            withParam (value .~ halfBalance) $ do

                -- Send transaction to alice account
                withParam (to .~ alice) $ send ()

                -- Send transaction to bob account
                withParam (to .~ bob) $ send ()

        -- Return sended value
        return halfBalance

    -- Web3 error handling
    case ret of
        Left e  -> error $ show e
        Right v -> print (v :: Ether)  -- Print returned value in ethers

Read more in the documentation on ReadTheDocs.



All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

[] 2019-05-13


  • Fixed dependencies bounds for stackage distribution
  • Optimized LANGUAGE pragmas

[] 2019-01-21


  • Fixed dependencies bounds for stackage distribution

[] 2019-01-09


  • Web3 secret storage v3 support


  • Cryptonite based ECC signer for messages and transactions, it removes secp256k1 dependency
  • Fixed dependencies bounds for stackage LTS-13

[] 2018-11-19


  • Fixed dependencies bounds for stackage distribution

[] 2018-11-07


  • Gas estimation runs when gas limit is not set before

[] 2018-10-29


  • Support vinyl-0.10 in MultiFilter module

[] 2018-10-26


  • Support for Ethereum cryptography
  • Local private key transaction signer
  • Generalized JSON-RPC monad for API methods
  • Support for multiple transaction sending methods via one Account api
  • Monad based transaction sending parametrization
  • Experimental support for solidity compiler (disabled by default)
  • Support for Ethereum mainnet ENS resolver
  • Contract typeclass with api/bytecode getters
  • Gas estimation for sending transactions
  • Contract typeclass TH generator
  • Function for creating contracts
  • Event single/multi filters
  • HexString data type
  • Personal api calls
  • Address checksum


  • package.yaml instead web3.cabal package descriptor
  • Solidity related data types and codecs moved to Data.Solidity
  • Solidity related parsers and compiler moved to Language.Solidity
  • Modules in Network.Ethereum.Web3 moved to Network.Ethereum.Api
  • fromWei/toWei from Unit typeclass now operates over Integral


  • convert function from Unit typeclass

[] 2018-05-22


  • ‘Network.Ethereum.ABI.Prim’ meta-module as primitive types and instances aggregator.
  • Stackage nightly build compatibility.


  • Potential nullable web3 type (‘Change’, ‘Block’, ‘Transaction’, etc.) fields are encoded as ‘Maybe’.

[] 2018-05-13


  • Generic JSON-RPC API documentation improvements.
  • TH generator bug fixes.


  • Generic JSON-RPC API use fixed size byte arrays.


  • ‘BlockNumber’, ‘FilterId’ types replaced by ‘Quantity’ type

[] 2018-05-02


  • TxReceipt and Eth.getTransactionReceipt JSON-RPC method.
  • Keyword escaper for TH generated names.
  • Build flag to enable TLS support.


  • Library dependencies bounds fixed for GHC 8.2.2-8.4.2 (stackage LTS + Nightly).

[] 2018-04-22


  • This file for significant changes tracking.
  • Descriptive types for all JSON-RPC method parameters and returned values (#15).
  • Widely use of basement:Word256 type for encoding.
  • Full list of ethereum abi encoding types:
    • bool: Bool
    • int256: IntN
    • uint256: UIntN
    • string: Text
    • bytes: Bytes
    • bytes32: BytesN
    • dynamic array: []
    • static array: ListN


  • Rewriten encoding engine for best performance, it now based on cereal:Serialize instead of parsec:Parser.
  • Renamed encoding type classes and methods: ABIEncode -> ABIPut, ABIDecode -> ABIGet.
  • Encoding related modules moved to Network.Ethereum.ABI.
  • Primitive abi encoding types are moved to separated modules in Network.Ethereum.ABI.Prim.
  • Contract interation related modules moved to Network.Ethereum.Contract.
  • Ethereum node communication modules stay in Network.Ethereum.Web3.
  • JSON-RPC tiny client is independent now and can be used separately.


  • Event type class, currently TH create Data.Default instance for Filter e.
  • Custom setup for live testing (it replaced by travis script).
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