Type classes generalizing the functionality of the 'monad-par' library. https://github.com/simonmar/monad-par

Version on this page:0.3.3
LTS Haskell 13.25:0.3.3
Stackage Nightly 2019-06-12:0.3.3
Latest on Hackage:0.3.3

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ryan Newton
Maintained by Ryan Newton

Module documentation for 0.3.3

The Par monad offers a parallel programming API based on dataflow programming. To use the Par monad, install the monad-par package, which includes this package as a dependency.

This package is an abstract interface only. It provides a number of type clasess, but not an implementation. The type classes separate different levels of Par functionality. See the Control.Monad.Par.Class module for more details.

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