This package contains the HDBC instance of relational-query and the typed query interface for HDBC.

Generating Database table definitions and functions for relational-query by reading table and index definitions from Database system catalogs.


  • apply new module names of relational-schema.

  • fix build for old GHCs.

  • add convertible instances of Word8 type and Word16 type.
  • add foldlFetch and forFetch.

  • update haddock about bracketed-prepare operations.

  • support overwriting of type-map along with column-name.
  • replace execute and executeNoFetch.

  • apply renamed LiteralSQL class.

  • apply enableWarning flag in Config type.

  • fix. do safe convert for integral conversion from SQL value.
  • add test suite of conversion from and to SQL value.

  • add bulkInsert definitions, and deprecate chunksInsert.
  • enable the mis-disabled warning message of executeNoFetch.
  • make statement operations strict.

  • update version constraint. ( along with re-versioned relational-query. )

  • add a portable sequence number operation.
  • defaultly use custom configuration in defineTableFromDB.

  • apply relational-query-0.10.0

  • apply integrated namespace with new exported symbols.

  • add new function name definitions to execute bounded statement.

  • add tested-with 8.2.1.

  • Apply generic instances.

  • Add tested-with.

  • Update compatibility for GHC 8.
  • Drop old tests of Oracle.

  • Use updated template of persistable-record.
  • Drop persistableSqlValue.

  • Use updated template of relational-query.
  • Drop old examples of Oracle.

  • TH quotation of derive class names.

  • Hide chunksInsertActions.
  • Add withPrepareDelete.

  • Add logging interface for schema driver.
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