BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Marios Titas <rednebΑΤgmxDΟΤcom>
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This package provides bindings to the low-level btrfs API (i.e. the BTRFS_IOC_* ioctls). Currently, only a subset of the API is supported, including all functions needed to work with subvolumes/snapshots as well as file cloning.

In order to build this package, linux-headers needs to be installed.

Warning: btrfs is still considered experimental. This module is also experimental and may contain serious bugs that may result in data loss. Do not use it on data that has not been backed up yet.

Changes 2018-10-25

* Implement getFSInfo.
* Remove an ugly hack that was used to block signals while defrag was running.
* Support Zstd compression.
* Make CompressionType abstract.
* Fix handling of filenames that are not valid according to the current locale.
* Deprecate System.Linux.Btrfs.ByteString.
* Support getting/setting file system labels. 2017-01-30

* System.Linux.Btrfs.UUID.fromString did not handle all malformed
UUIDs correctly. 2016-11-15

* Fix compilation error when libcap is not installed. 2016-11-13

* Support cloneRangeIfSame on read-only subvolumes (requires
CAP_SYS_ADMIN). 2016-02-23

* Expose System.Linux.Btrfs.Time.
* Add example program that prints the file creation timestamp. 2014-10-05

* Support getting/setting the id of the default subvolume. 2014-10-05

* Support defraging file ranges. 2014-09-01

* Initial public release.