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The YAML 1.2 format provides a much richer data-model and feature-set than the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. However, sometimes it's desirable to ignore the extra capabilities and treat YAML as if it was merely a more convenient markup format for humans to write JSON data. To this end this module provides a compatibility layer atop HsYAML which allows decoding YAML documents in the more limited JSON data-model while also providing convenience by reusing aeson's FromJSON instances for decoding the YAML data into native Haskell data types.


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This release incorporates the work from Vijay Tadikamalla’s GSOC 2019 Project.

  • Breaking change: The result types of decode1, decode1', decodeValue, and decodeValue' have been changed from Either String _ to Either (Pos,String) _ to mirror the error-reporting change in the HsYAML-0.2 API
  • New functions encode1, encode1Strict, encodeValue, and encodeValue' for serializing JSON Values as YAML documents
  • New convenience function decode1Strict
  • New (orphan) instance ToYAML Data.Aeson.Value

  • First release. Released on an unsuspecting world.