BSD-3-Clause licensed by Shayne Fletcher
Maintained by [email protected]
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Copyright © 2020, Shayne Fletcher. All rights reserved. SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-3-Clause

The ghc-lib-parser-ex package contains GHC API parse tree utilities. It works with or without ghc-lib-parser.

Using ghc-lib-parser-ex

Package ghc-lib-parser-ex is on Hackage e.g. cabal install ghc-lib-parser-ex. Like ghc-lib-parser, there are two release streams within the ghc-lib-parser-ex name.

Version numbers are of the form α.β.γ.δ where α.β corresponds to a GHC series and γ.δ are the major and minor parts of the ghc-lib-ex-parser package release. Examples:

  • Version is compatible with any ghc-lib-parser-8.10.* (or ghc-8.10.*) package;
  • Version 0.20190204.2.0 is compatible with ghc-lib-parser-0.20190204.

The major part γ of the release number indicates an interface breaking change from the previous release. The minor part δ indicates a non-interface breaking change from the previous release.

Building ghc-lib-parser-ex

You can build with stack build and test with stack test. Produce ghc-lib-parser-ex package distributions by executing the CI script:

# Setup
git clone [email protected]:shayne-fletcher/ghc-lib-parser-ex.git
cd ghc-lib-parser-ex
stack runhaskell --package extra --package optparse-applicative CI.hs

Run stack runhaskell --package extra --package optparse-applicative CI.hs -- --help for more options.

To run hlint on this repository, hlint --cpp-include cbits --cpp-define GHCLIB_API_XXX . (where XXX at this time is one of 808, 810 or 811).

Releasing ghc-lib-parser-ex (notes for maintainers)

Update the changelog, git tag <version> && git push origin <version> then build via the above instructions and upload the resulting .tar.gz files to Hackage.


Changelog for ghc-lib-parser-ex

Unreleased changes released 2020-02-25

  • New modules:
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibParserEx.Pat
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibParserEx.Types
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibParserEx.Decls released 2020-02-16

  • New DynFlags functions readExtension, extensionImplications. released 2020-02-09

  • Expression predicate tests. released 2020-02-07 released 2020-02-01

  • New modules:
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibparserEx.GHC.Hs.Expr
  • Moved modules:
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibparserEx.HsExtendInstances -> Language.Haskell.GhclibparserEx.GHC.Hs.ExtendInstances;

0.20200201.1.0 released 2020-02-01

  • New modules:
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibparserEx.HsExtendInstances. released 2020-01-25

  • Change in versioning scheme;
  • New modules:
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibParserEx.Config
    • Language.Haskell.GhclibParserEx.DynFlags
  • parsePragmasIntoDynFlags signature change., 8.8.2, 0.20200102 released 2020-01-18

  • First releases