SVG file loader and serializer

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Vincent Berthoux, David Himmelstrup
Maintained by David Himmelstrup
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reanimate-svg provides types representing a SVG document, and allows to load and save it.

The types definition are aimed at rendering, so they are rather comple. For simpler SVG document building, look after `lucid-svg`.



v0.9.0.0 April 2019

  • Performance optimizations.
  • Memo module and render cache.

v0.8.2.0 March 2019

  • Export parser and serializer.

v0.8.1.0 March 2019

  • Filter attributes.

v0.8.0.0 March 2019

  • Remove WithDrawAttributes type class.
  • Remove css and top-level definitions from Document.
  • Basic support for SVG filters.

v0.7.0.0 March 2019

  • fork from svg-tree due to ‘reanimate’ requiring breaking changes
  • Fix: change x,y rect defaults from ‘0’ to ‘auto’.
  • Expose list of named svg colors.
  • Adding: Allow definitions to appear anywhere in an svg document.
  • Change module namespace from Graphics.Svg to Graphics.SvgTree

v0.6.2.3 October 2018

  • GHC 8.6 fixes
  • Adding: Allow definitions to appear anywhere in an svg document.

v0.6.2.2 December 2017

  • Adding Semigroup instances for defined Monoid, for GHC 8.4

v0.6.2.1 December 2017

  • Workaround/Fix: removed reliance on Template Haskell to derive lenses, by writing them directly in the file, using the ddump-splices. For some reason Haddock associated with GHC 8.2.2 was entering infinite loop on the Types file. Ugly workaround, but at least it works.

v0.6.2 August 2017

  • Fix: gather named elements even outside of tags.
  • Fix: URL ID now can contain more characters.

v0.6.1: January 2017

  • Fix: some gradient mesh parsing, stop can have style (like with Inkscape 0.92)
  • Fix: norm say “” is the global tag
  • Fix: Adding xlink:href attribute on patterns
  • Fix: Adding patternTransform attribute on patterns

v0.6: September 2016

  • Add SVG 2.0 gradient mesh

v0.5.1.2: September 2016

  • Fix path parsing with white space prefix

v0.5.1.1: May 2016

  • Fix: GHC 8.0 compatibility

v0.5.1: March 2016

  • Fix: serialization of multi criteria css selector.

v0.5: March 2016:

  • Adding: preserveAspectRatio attribute
  • Fix: Application of CSS rules with indirect parent/child relation.

v0.4.2: March 2016

  • Enhancement: avoiding serializatinon of empty class attribute
  • Fix: incorrect deserialization of complex CSS
  • Fix: Really fixing duplicate ID with serialization

v0.4.1: February 2016

  • Fix: fixing duplicate ID with serialization

v0.4: February 2016

  • Breaking change: viewbox types are no longer Int but double, sneakingly passed in v0.3.2.2. This version acknoweledge this change

V0.3.2.2 February 2016 (Deprecated)

  • Fix: Bad serialization of some None constructors.

v0.3.2.1 October 2015

  • Fix: Don’t add ‘#’ for serialization

v0.3.2 August 2015

  • Fix: allow compilation with GHC 7.4

v0.3.1 May 2015

  • Fix: Bumping lens dependency and removing upper bound.

v0.3 April 2015

  • Breaking change: Switching all the numeric types associated to geometry to Double precision (thx to Kasbah)

v0.2 April 2015

  • Fix: Differentiating opacity & fill-opacity, as they are semantically deferent (BREAKING CHANGE!)

v0.1.1 April 2015

  • Fix: Bumping lens bounds

v0.1.0.2 March 2015

  • Fix: Bumping lens bounds


  • Fix: Lowering some lower bounds


  • Initial release