Library for manipulating IP addresses and CIDR blocks https://github.com/haskell-works/hw-ip#readme

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by John Ky, David Turnbull, Jian Wan
Maintained by newhoggy@gmail.com

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  • HaskellWorks
    • HaskellWorks.Data
      • HaskellWorks.Data.Network
        • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Internal
            • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Internal.Appar
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Ip
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Ipv4
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Ipv6
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Range
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.SafeEnum
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Validity
          • HaskellWorks.Data.Network.Ip.Word128



Library for manipulating IP addresses and CIDR blocks.