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This package provides optics and convenient pattern synonyms for the base32 library.


The pattern synonyms provided in this library are:

pattern Base32 :: ByteString -> ByteString
pattern Base32Url :: ByteString -> ByteString
pattern Base32UrlUnpadded :: ByteString -> ByteString

-- and

pattern Base32 :: Text -> Text
pattern Base32Url :: Text -> Text
pattern Base32UrlUnpadded :: Text -> Text

These provide a convenient high level interface for passing Base32 encoded values.


Prisms for encoding and decoding Text and ByteString values are given as part of the library:

_Base32 :: Prism' ByteString ByteString
_Base32Url :: Prism' ByteString ByteString
_Base32UrlUnpadded :: Prism' ByteString ByteString

-- and

_Base32 :: Prism' Text Text
_Base32Url :: Prism' Text Text
_Base32UrlUnpadded :: Prism' Text Text

If a particular structure has a Lens into some Text or ByteString value they might want to encode (or decode), then composing such a Lens with these Prisms yields an affine Traversal, resulting in a structure which has the focus of its Lens encoded as or decoded from Base32(-url).


Revision history for base64-lens

  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.