Package implementing core logic for refreshing of expiring data.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Moritz Clasmeier

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This is Haskell library implementing the logic for refreshing of expiring data according to user-provided actions.


  • Create a new configuration using newAsyncRefreshConf, providing the action to be used for data refreshing.

  • Adjust the configuration using the asyncRefreshConfSet* functions, in particular using asyncRefreshConfSetCallback.

  • Use newAsyncRefresh to initiate a new thread managing the asynchronous refreshing.


The following IO action produces a TVar which is updated every ten seconds to contain the current time (wrapped in an Either SomeException, because refreshing may fail).

periodicTimeUpdater :: IO (TVar (Either SomeException UTCTime))
periodicTimeUpdater = runStderrLoggingT $ do
  timeStore <- liftIO $ newTVarIO (Left (toException NotFound))
  let conf = newAsyncRefreshConf (RefreshResult <$> liftIO getCurrentTime <*> pure Nothing)
        & asyncRefreshConfSetLabel "CurrentTime updated every 10 seconds"
        & asyncRefreshConfSetDefaultInterval (10 * 10^3)
        & asyncRefreshConfSetCallback (liftIO . atomically . writeTVar timeStore . fmap refreshResult)
  _ <- newAsyncRefresh conf
  return timeStore