GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.rnf implementation

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Herbert Valerio Riedel
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This package provides a GHC.Generics-based Control.DeepSeq.Generics.genericRnf function which can be used for providing a rnf implementation. See the documentation for the genericRnf function in the Control.DeepSeq.Generics module to get started.

The original idea was pioneered in the generic-deepseq package (see for more information).

This package differs from the generic-deepseq package by working in combination with the existing deepseq package as opposed to defining a conflicting drop-in replacement for deepseq's Control.DeepSeq module.

Note: The ability to auto-derive via GHC.Generics has been merged into deepseq- This package is now still useful for writing code that's also compatible with older deepseq versions not yet providing GHC.Generics-support.

Changes January 2016

  • Add support for GHC 8.0
  • Remove re-exports from deepseq:Control.DeepSeq
  • Synchronise implementation to deepseq-’s code December 2014

  • Add support for GHC 7.10 and deepseq- November 2013

  • Add support for GHC 7.8 September 2013

  • New Function Control.DeepSeq.Generics.genericRnfV1 September 2012

  • Initial Release