GPL-3.0-only licensed by Jens Petersen
Maintained by [email protected]
This version can be pinned in stack with:dl-fedora-0.7.5@sha256:d58380f0489d5bbbfd4698a6a4f4471b064156e97a62079dedc7704345d553b5,1739

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A tool for downloading Fedora images. By default it targets the Workstation edition of Fedora.

Usage example:

dl-fedora rawhide : downloads the latest Fedora Rawhide Workstation Live iso

dl-fedora -e silverblue 32 : downloads Fedora 32 Silverblue iso

dl-fedora -e kde respin : downloads the latest KDE Live respin

dl-fedora --edition server --arch aarch64 31 : will bring down the F31 Server iso

dl-fedora --run 33 : will download Fedora 33 Workstation and boot the Live image with qemu-kvm.

A symlink to the latest iso is also created: eg for rawhide it might be "Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-Rawhide-latest.iso".

When available it also tries to check the iso checksum and its gpg signature.



0.7.5 (2020-09-13)

  • always print download url and already downloaded filename
  • –replace deletes previous symlinked image after downloading new one
  • improved checksum file handling

0.7.4 (2020-03-15)

  • add ‘koji’ release target: downloads latest branched compose from kojipkgs

0.7.3 (2020-02-11)

  • fix CHECKSUM512 detection (for respins)

0.7.2 (2019-10-29)

  • add stage release target (useful just prior to release)

0.7.1 (2019-09-25)

  • print datestamp beside filesize
  • show directory correctly with ~/
  • use a subdirectory for checksum files

0.7 (2019-09-12)

  • add –checksum to always do checksum when possible
  • add –run to run image in qemu-kvm if available
  • rework algorithms
    • check local filesize earlier: don’t even check mirror if already downloaded
    • for partial local file output percentage already downloaded
    • otherwise show filesize
  • show dir for symlink: so one knows location
  • drop the ‘devel’ target (use release version number instead)
  • handle old dangling symlink too (after deleting iso)

0.6 (2019-09-02)

  • major rework to correct the url logic
    • first checks on (master)
    • then tries to download corresponding filepath on
    • or falls back to master mirror
  • new –dl option to download directly from
  • can now find branched development release
  • also compares mirror and master filesizes
  • builds with lts-14

0.5 (2019-07-06)

  • no hardcoding of devel branch, beta, and respins
  • fix Spins and Cloud/Container paths
  • use rawhide for devel if not branched
  • don’t checksum if no file downloaded or new –no-checksum
  • more informative error messages
  • add simple dryrun test script

0.4 (2019-06-03)

  • drop version 30 special case
  • support gpg verification of checksum file

0.3 (2019-04-16)

  • run sha256sum check
  • support fedora Spins


  • fix and improve symlink naming
  • use new http-directory library to check exact filesize


  • initial release