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Small library for Typesafe’s configuration specification built with parsec.

foo = bar
bar = 123
someObject {
    wow = "this is nice!"

While there are many configuration notations and formats around, HOCON stands in a comfortable place, albeit a bit underrated. Being a superset to JSON means it inherits its great readability, as well as extending it with some very nice features, such as comments, no need to add " for properties and values (unless some special character is required), digging up nested values, among others.

Sounds nice, how do I use it?

First of all, import the basic stuff:

import Data.HOCON
import Text.Parser.HOCON

The first module exports the tree-like structure typical of JSON (if you’re familiar with aeson, then it’s really the same structure. It’s not using that structure because no way I’m including that just for the structure) and the accessor functions, while the second exports the parser function:

parseHOCON :: String -> Either ParseError Config

If you’ve already used Typesafe’s config on the JVM, then the functions will make you feel just like at home:

getConfig :: String -> Config -> Maybe Config
getNumber :: String -> Config -> Maybe Double
getString :: String -> Config -> Maybe String
getBoolean :: String -> Config -> Maybe Bool
getList :: String -> Config -> Maybe [Config]
hasPath :: String -> Config -> Bool

Missing features / what’s to come

  • Actually support comments
  • Multiline strings
  • Include another file and merge them
  • Object substitution

Pull requests are always welcome!


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