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Maintained by Sasha Bogicevic
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This is a Haskell library for interacting with api.

It utilizes some of the nice ideas presented in the GDP paper and in general tries to stay out of your way and let you issue api calls easily.

You should check out the /examples/Main.hs to see some of the examples of using the lib.


I encourage you to play with the library, open up issues, get yourself involved.

Plan is to build nice documentation with helpful examples.

I don’t have specific code style guidelines, just follow the code style that you already see.

There is a stylish-haskell.yaml file in the root and it would be nice if you can configure your editor to use it.

Please squash your commits into one when issuing a PR so we keep a nice git timeline.


Changelog for plaid

v Bump the ghc version to 8.8.3 LTS 15.4 Fix the base version constraint Remove hspec-wai-json dependency