Extract and apply patches to JSON documents.

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Aeson Diff

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This is a small library for working with changes to JSON documents. It includes a library and two executables in the style of diff(1) and patch(1). Patches are themselves JSON Patch documents as specified in RFC 6902.


The aeson-diff package is written in Haskell and can be installed using the Cabal package management tool, stack, or something similar.

stack install aeson-diff

The command-line tools can then be executed using stack:

stack exec json-diff -- ....
stack exec json-patch -- ....

If you prefer to use Cabal, something like this might do the trick:

cd aeson-diff/
cabal sandbox init
cabal install --dependencies-only
cabal build
sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
sudo cp dist/build/json-*/json-{diff,patch} /usr/local/bin/


Patch format

aeson-diff supports the JSON Patch format described in RFC 6902.

json-diff command

The json-diff command compares two JSON documents and extracts a patch describing the differences between the first document and the second.

Usage: json-diff [-T|--test-before-remove] [-o|--output OUTPUT] FROM TO
Generate a patch between two JSON documents.

Available options:
    -h,--help                Show this help text
    -T,--test-before-remove  Include a test before each remove.
    -o,--output OUTPUT       Write patch to file OUTPUT.

json-patch command

The json-patch command applies a patch describing changes to be made to a JSON document.

Usage: json-patch [-o|--output OUTPUT] PATCH FROM
Generate a patch between two JSON documents.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text
  -o,--output OUTPUT       Destination for patched JSON.
  PATCH                    Patch to apply.
  FROM                     JSON file to patch.

aeson-diff library

The aeson-diff library exports as single module: Data.Aeson.Diff. This exports diff and patch functions which do exactly what might be expected:

  • diff :: Value -> Value -> Patch examines source and target JSON Values and constructs a new Patch describing the changes.

  • patch :: Patch -> Value -> Result Value applies the changes in a Patch to a JSON Value. If an error results then an exception is thrown.

For more complete information, see the documentation.



* Support GHC-8.4.x in recent Stackage releases.

aeson-diff * Support GHC-8.4.x in recent Stackage releases.


* Resolve name clash that prevents building against aeson>=1.2 in
  Stackage Nightly.


* Relax upper bound on base dependency for Stackage LTS-9.


* aeson-diff can now, optionally, generate a test operation before each

* Add '--test-before-remove' option to 'json-diff' command.

* Add 'Config' type and 'diff'' to allow optional behaviours.


* Remove the `patch'` function before anyone gets attached to it.

* Remove the 'Value' which was carried by the 'Rem' operation constructor.

* Move 'Pointer' and 'Patch' types and operations into separate modules.

aeson-diff 1.0

* aeson-diff now supports the operations and patch format described in
  RFC 6902.

* The `patch` function now returns in the 'Result' monad from the aeson

* Add a `patch'` function throws an exception instead.

* The command line applications no longer pretend to support a non-JSON
  patch format.

aeson-diff 0.1

* Initial release.