hackage release

This package provides some syntax extensions for the commonmark package:


Changelog for commonmark-extensions


  • Allow bare word attribute in fenced_divs (#84). This follows a similar change in pandoc (jgm/pandoc#7242).

  • Fix commonmark-extensions to build with GHC 9.2 (#81, Joseph C. Sible). Currently --allow-newer is needed.


  • Add footnote to gfmExtensions. Note that this also requires additional type constraints on gfmExtensions [API change].

  • Fix bug with absolute paths in rebase_relative_paths extension on Windows.

  • Fix bug in wikilinks extensions.


  • Add rebase_relative_paths extension. New exported module Commonmark.Extensions.RebaseRelativePaths [API change].
  • Add wikilinks_title_before_pipe and wikilinks_title_after_pipe extensions (#69). New exported module Commonmark.Extensions.Wikilinks [API change].

  • Add a test for autolinks (#66).
  • Require commonmark (otherwise autolinks don’t work properly).

  • Add some new test examples to the autolinks extension spec (#65).
  • Allow interior ~ characters in autolinks (#65).

  • Remove unnecessary Typeable constraint on TaskList and gfmExtensions (#58).

  • Fix bug in footnote extension: multiple blocks in a block container (e.g. block quote or list) inside a footnote were being rendered in reverse order (#63, Harald Gliebe).

  • Added a missing test file to extra-source-files (#55).

  • Add HasQuoted class in Smart extension, with singleQuoted and doubleQuoted methods. This gives more fleibility in supporting smart quotes, and allows us to use pandoc’s Quoted elements.

  • Add advice to haddocks for pipeTableSpec (#52). If a line could be a candidate pipe table heading, but the following line of separators is not encountered, the line is treated as a paragraph, even if it has indications of other block-level formatting. Putting the pipeTableSpec AFTER parsers for lists, headings, etc. causes the latter to take priority.

  • Initial release