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Fn (eff-enn) - a functional web framework.

Or, how to do away with the monad transformers, and just use plain functions.


See the example application in the repository for a full usage including database access, heist templates, sessions, etc.


  • Libby Horacek [email protected] 2017-6-13

    • Update base dependencies to support GHC 8
    • Add a stack.yml for 8.15
  • David Hartunian [email protected] 2017-6-30

    • Add okJson helper for returning JSON strings as text
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-3-11

    • Change repository location, copyright.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-3-2

    • Don’t parse request body by default, to make Fn play well with others (that want to parse the body themself).
    • Add !=> connective that is like ==>, but parses the request body. If you don’t use !=>, patterns with file and files will fail. Also, param will only get query parameters.
    • Add Route type alias for the type of pattern ==> handler. This is partly for convenience and partly to make upgrades easier (in the event that the types change).
    • Change FromParam class to take a list of all parameters matching a given name, which allows us to implement a Maybe instance, a list instance, and make paramMany redundant (though currently left in, for compatibility). This also makes the ergonomics of using optional parameters better.
    • Fix bug where staticServe would allow you to break out of directory specified with ...
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2016-1-20

    • Fix for GHC 7.8, which cabal file said would work, but didn’t.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-12-4

    • Fix bug in url routing where “/foo/bar”, “/foo/bar/”, and “/foo//bar” were all treated differently.
  • Daniel Pattersion [email protected] 2015-11-5

    • Changed to having our own FnRequest type, which is a WAI Request and the results of parsing the body for contents, since we need to be able to do that once and thread it through.
    • Add file and files matchers, which match against and pass file uploads to handlers.
    • Add staticServe to serve static files based on path.
  • Daniel Pattersion [email protected] 2015-11-4

    • Move ctxt back to first parameter passed to handlers, via more continuations.
  • Daniel Pattersion [email protected] 2015-10-31

    • Add method matcher to match against HTTP method.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-10-30

    • Allow nested calls to route, by changing Request in ctxt. This necesitated changing it so that the ctxt is passed to handlers last, instead of first, because we need to have completed matching before we can change the request.
    • Add anything route matcher that matches anything.
    • Add paramMany matcher that returns a list of values for the given query param.
    • Change param to fail if more than one value is in query string.
  • Daniel Pattersion [email protected] 2015-10-27

    • Rename paramOptional to paramOpt, to match fn-extra’s Heist naming of attr and attrOpt.
    • Remove paramPresent, because you can get that behavior by parsing to Text.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-10-26

    • Rename Param class to FromParam.
  • Daniel Patterson [email protected] 2015-10-25

    • Initial release.