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Maintained by Edward A. Kmett
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This package provides a canonical ‘uninhabited’ data type for Haskell. This arises in a surprisingly wide array of situations in practice.

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Contributions and bug reports are welcome!

Please feel free to contact me through github or on the #haskell IRC channel on

-Edward Kmett


0.7.3 [2019.05.10]

  • Backport the Lift Void instance introduced in template-haskell-


  • Only depend on deepseq, hashable, and semigroups if using GHC 7.8 or earlier.
  • Cleaned up spurious “redundant constraint” warnings on GHC 8+


  • Support semigroups 0.17 on older GHCs
  • Backported NFData’s semigroup instance to older GHCs.


  • adapt to Data.Void being moved into base-4.8
  • vacuousM removed


  • instance Exception Void
  • instance Generic Void
  • instance Hashable Void


  • Fixed compatibility with GHC 7.2 (#6)
  • Added CHANGELOG.markdown and README.markdown