Proof assistant for Haskell using DataKinds & PolyKinds

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Hiromi ISHII
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Agda-style Equational Reasoning in Haskell by Data Kinds

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What is this?

This library provides means to prove equations in Haskell. You can prove equations in Agda’s EqReasoning like style.

See blow for an example:

plusZeroL :: SNat m -> Zero :+: m :=: m
plusZeroL SZero = Refl
plusZeroL (SSucc m) =
  start (SZero %+ (SSucc m))
    === SSucc (SZero %+ m)    `because`   plusSuccR SZero m
    === SSucc m               `because`   succCongEq (plusZeroL m)

It also provides some utility functions to use an induction.

For more detail, please read source codes!


  • Automatic generation for induction schema for any inductive types.



  • Supports GHC 9.8
  • Drops support for GHC <9

  • Support for GHC >= 8.10

  • Adds support for th-desugar-1.11

  • Supports GHC 8.8.
  • Adds support for th-desugar-1.10 (Thanks: Justin Le @mstksg)