Converter from »ansi-wl-pprint« documents to »prettyprinter«-based ones.

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BSD-2-Clause licensed by David Luposchainsky
Maintained by Simon Jakobi, David Luposchainsky <dluposchainsky at google>
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Module documentation for 1.1.2

ansi-wl-pprint conversion package

This package defines a converter from the old ansi-wl-pprint document type to the new prettyprinter one. Its purpose is making packages that only generate ansi-wl-pprint data available to the prettyprinter ecosystem.

Note the difference to the prettyprinter-compat-ansi-wl-pprint module, which does not convert any data, and instead provides an API that mimicks ansi-wl-pprint, while secretly being prettyprinter-based behind the curtains. This package on the other hand does a proper conversion.

╭────────────────────╮    fromAnsiWlPprint    ╭────────────────────╮
│        Doc         ├───────────────────────▷│   Doc AnsiStyle    │
│  (ansi-wl-pprint)  │◁───────────────────────┤  (prettyprinter)   │
╰────────────────────╯     toAnsiWlPprint     ╰────────────────────╯