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Module documentation for 0.1.3

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This package provides binary natural numbers (Data.Bin); also utilities to work on the type level with DataKinds (Data.Type.Bin).

data Bin
    = BZ       -- ^ zero
    | BP BinP  -- ^ non-zero

data BinP
    = BE       -- ^ one
    | B0 BinP  -- ^ double
    | B1 BinP  -- ^ double plus 1

There are ordinals in Data.Bin.Pos module, as well as fixed width integers in Data.Wrd.

Another implementation is at, this differs in naming, and provides promoted variant.


Version history for bin


  • Add EqP and OrdP instances.
  • Add GShow Pos/P instances.
  • Better ‘PosP.toNatural’ implementation.


  • Add boring instances
  • Add EqBinP and EqBin type families
  • Add NFData instances
  • Add GEq, GNFData, GShow (from some package) instances for SBin and SBinP.


  • Explicitly mark all modules as Safe or Trustworthy.
  • fin-0.2 support.


  • First version. Released on an unsuspecting world.