High-resolution clock functions: monotonic, realtime, cputime.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Cetin Sert, Elefunc, Inc.
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Module documentation for 0.8.4

A package for convenient access to high-resolution clock and timer functions of different operating systems via a unified API.

POSIX code and surface API was developed by Cetin Sert in 2009.

Windows code was contributed by Eugene Kirpichov in 2010.

FreeBSD code was contributed by Finn Espen Gundersen on 2013-10-14.

OS X code was contributed by Gerolf Seitz on 2013-10-15.

Derived Generic, Typeable and other instances for Clock and TimeSpec was contributed by Mathieu Boespflug on 2014-09-17.

Corrected dependency listing for GHC < 7.6 was contributed by Brian McKenna on 2014-09-30.

Windows code corrected by Dimitri Sabadie on 2015-02-09.

Added timeSpecAsNanoSecs as observed widely-used by Chris Done on 2015-01-06, exported correctly on 2015-04-20.

Imported Control.Applicative operators correctly for Haskell Platform on Windows on 2015-04-21.

Unit tests and instance fixes by Christian Burger on 2015-06-25.

Removal of fromInteger : Integer -> TimeSpec by Cetin Sert on 2015-12-15.

New Linux-specific Clocks: MonotonicRaw, Boottime, MonotonicCoarse, RealtimeCoarse by Cetin Sert on 2015-12-15.

Reintroduction fromInteger : Integer -> TimeSpec by Cetin Sert on 2016-04-05.

Fixes for older Linux build failures introduced by new Linux-specific clocks by Mario Longobardi on 2016-04-18.

Refreshment release in 2019-04 after numerous contributions.

Refactoring for Windows, Mac implementation consistence by Alexander Vershilov on 2021-01-16.

Version Scheme
Major-R-ewrite . New-F-unctionality . I-mprovementAndBugFixes . P-ackagingOnly
  • PackagingOnly changes are made for quality assurance reasons.



  • Dropped support for GHC < 7.8.
  • Tested with GHC 7.8 - 9.2.
  • TODO: new module System.Clock.Seconds
  • TODO: new functions
  • TODO: other changes