BSD-3-Clause licensed by Peter Simons, Alexander Altman, Ben James, Kevin Quick
Maintained by sternenseemann
This version can be pinned in stack with:hackage-db-2.1.3@sha256:461f9c4fa9c9ed72e121f887a3084c986c816d51f30419d59739258f33d4931b,2926


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Revision history for hackage-db


  • hackageTarball / cabalStateDir now support overriding the cabal directory location by setting the CABAL_DIR environment variable. This is useful if hackage-db doesn’t detect the correct location on its own:

    • A matching cabal state directory may exist, but should not be used for some reason.

    • A non-standard cabal state directory may be used, but hackage-db can’t find it (as it doesn’t check the cabal-install configuration file).

  • hackageTarball now supports all state dir location(s) (newly) supported by cabal-install. If CABAL_DIR is not set, it will look in the following locations in that order:

    1. $HOME/.cabal, the classic location, will be preferred if it exists.
    2. $XDG_CACHE_HOME/cabal (usually $HOME/.cache/cabal) is used otherwise. cabal-install and newer will default to this location for fresh installations.


Fix a bug which lead to parsePackageData always failing if the package had a preferred-versions file in the hackage tarball.