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Fast compression for Haskell ByteStrings

This library implements Haskell bindings to QuickLZ, a fast compression library. The interface is very simple:

compress    :: ByteString -> ByteString
decompress  :: ByteString -> ByteString
decompress' :: ByteString -> ByteString -- overlapping decompression

As the name states, QuickLZ is fast - at both compression and decompression. Per their own benchmarks, at compression level 1, QuickLZ 1.5.0 has a compression speed of 308Mbyte/s, and a decompression speed of 358Mbyte/s (their benchmarks, Core i7 920.) results: Build Status


Just use cabal:

cabal install quicklz

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File bugs in the GitHub issue tracker.

Master git repository:

  • git clone


See AUTHORS.txt.


GPLv2. See LICENSE.txt for terms of copyright and redistribution.


This package has some benchmarks and tests associated - I would like to expand the benchmarks to include bigger data sets in the future.

There is currently only an interface for strict ByteStrings.

I would like to implement the streaming mode functionality sometime in the future, perhaps tying it to John Millikin’s enumerator package.