Object orientation tools for HsLua


Version on this page:2.3.0
LTS Haskell 22.29:2.3.1
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-13:2.3.1
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MIT licensed by Albert Krewinkel
Maintained by [email protected]
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Expose Haskell data to Lua with an object oriented interface.



hslua-objectorientation uses PVP Versioning.


Released 2023-03-13.

  • Export all constructors and functions of type Property.

  • Renamed peekUD to peekUDGeneric and pushUD to pushUDGeneric. Functions with the old names are now now defined hslua-packaging.

  • Hook for udtype metatable initializer. The function pushUDGeneric takes an additional hook parameter. The hook operation can be used to perform additional setup operations, e.g., for documentation.

    The old pushUD function can be recovered with

    pushUD = pushUDGeneric (\_ -> pure ())

    The hslua-packaging now exports a pushUD functions that is specialized to documented types.

  • Export new function initTypeGeneric: The function ensures that a type’s metatable is initialized and available from the registry. Just like with pushUDGeneric, a hook can be used to augment the initialization.

  • Type info for properties: Properties are amended with information on the property’s type. The functions property, possibleProperty, and readonly each now come with typed version property', possibleProperty', and readonly’. This allows to specify the type of a property value.

  • Functions for object typing info: The functions udDocs and udTypeSpec are added, enabling the generation of typing information for UDType objects.


Released 2022-06-19.

  • Require hslua-core-2.2.1.

  • Require hslua-marshalling-2.2.1.


Released 2022-05-20.

  • Relax upper bound for mtl, allow mtl-2.3.


Released 2022-02-19.

  • Require version 2.2 of hslua-core and hslua-marshalling.


Released 2022-01-29.

  • Allow integers as aliases: Aliases can now be of type AliasIndex, so integers can now be defined as aliases for other properties. The function alias now takes an AliasIndex instead of a Name; the change entails modifications to the types UDTypeWithList, UDType, and Member. Also, AliasIndex is made into an instance of the Eq and Ord type classes.

  • Reworked list representation of objects, allowing write access to list components.

    The ListSpec type has been updated and contains now a pair of pairs, where the inner pairs define how to push and retrieve lists, respectively. Users of the deftypeGeneric' function will have to update their code.

  • Fixed some integer type declarations in C code. Some variables had been given incorrect types, like int instead of lua_Integer. They are usually the same, but may differ in some setups.

  • Require hslua-core-2.1.0 and hslua-marshalling-2.1.0, or later.


Released 2021-11-04.

  • Excludes absent properties from pairs: Properties that are optional and not present in a sum-type value are no longer included in the iterator output produced by pairs (i.e., the __pairs metamethod). Previously, the names of absent properties were pushed with a nil value.


Released 2021-10-21.

  • Published without warning.