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Maintained by Chris Martin, Julie Moronuki
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This package provides functions for converting back and forth between numbers and their ASCII representations.

Changes (2023-06-26)

Raise language to GHC2021 (2023-02-28)

Support ascii-superset-1.3. This removes the Lift instances, as the Lift class has been removed from ascii-superset. (2023-01-02)

Minor Cabal correction (change extra-doc-files to extra-source-files) (2022-12-30)

Metadata changes only (2022-04-20)

Removed dependency on d10. The D10 type from the d10 module is replaced with the new Digit type instead. This type better semantically represents an ASCII character rather than an abstract 0-9 number, and this allows us to more confidently define instances for it that befit its ASCII meaning. The constructor names now have the full word Digit in them rather than D, which is consistent with the constructor names in ASCII.Char and ASCII.Hexadecimal.

Renamed D16 to Word4. This is now defined in a separate module, ASCII.Word4. The constructors are renamed from D... to Number.... The Word4 type might someday belong in a separate package, because the concept can exist separately from ASCII.

Added Lift instances:

instance DigitSuperset       x => Lift Digit     x
instance DigitStringSuperset x => Lift [Digit]   x
instance HexCharSuperset     x => Lift HexChar   x
instance HexStringSuperset   x => Lift [HexChar] x (2022-03-24)

Initial release