MIT licensed by Michael Snoyman
This version can be pinned in stack with:http-client-openssl-0.3.3@sha256:66398db8092a984ffbe37b2ae6428b7d3f6ced55fc8747bddc3a81d638205d38,1599

Module documentation for 0.3.3


Full tutorial docs on the http-client package set are available at:

This package is an alternative to http-client-tls for those wishing to make secure connections with the OpenSSL library.



  • Use hostAddress from Request.

  • http-client-openssl: added reasonable OpenSSL default settings

  • Fix a bug with http-proxy that would cause SNI to be set incorrectly; (would use the domain of the proxy, instead of the server we’re trying to reach through the proxy)

  • Wrap HsOpenSSL specific exceptions into http-clients own HttpExceptionRequest. This is a breaking change and might need adjustment with respect to exception handling in user code.
  • More robust handling of unexpectedly closed connections

  • Tell OpenSSL what host is being contacted, so it can use the SNI extension for certificate selection if the server requires it.

  • Fix a connection-bug with http-proxy(Previous version closes a connection before reading all respose-data.)

  • Add support for http-proxy

  • Use different domain name so tests pass

  • Minor doc updates

  • Simplified a test case

Expand hints for getAddrInfo. More exception safety.