GPL-3.0-only licensed and maintained by Jens Petersen
This version can be pinned in stack with:fedora-haskell-tools-1.1@sha256:3b88c143b9daa2a56521fbece356e2fa8fa453d5f9f42554d0a27efabac839a2,2719

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Fedora Haskell Tools

Tools for Fedora Haskell package maintainence.


Git clones and pull, etc Fedora Haskell package repos. Can also generate Hackage distro meta data. Builds set of packages locally or in Koji or Mock. (fhbuild has been merged into fhpkg, but now superceded by fbrnch.)

For local builds unbuilt dependent packages are also built recursively.

For updates built in Koji, buildroot overrides are created and waited for. Chain builds packages with wait-repo. Also checks that updated dependencies have been built first.

See TODO for possible future ideas.

Note that many of the generic commands provided are now available and better maintained in the fbrnch tool, which is packaged in Fedora and should be preferred.


Update version update bugs in Bugzilla for Haskell packages.


Tool for standalone mock chroots for building and development.


fedora-haskell-tools is distributed under the GPL license version 3 or later.