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WAI middleware that intercepts requests to static files and serves them if they exist.



  • Fixed Windows build (by replacing unix dependency with equivalent directory function)

  • Implement caching [agrafix]
  • Include mp4 and ogv mime_types [DrBoolean]
  • Dependency updates for ghc 7.10 [DougBurke]

  • Update links to new wai-middleware-static github/issue tracker.

  • Bump upper bound for text


  • Update to wai 3.0

  • Bump upper bound for mtl

  • Add isNotAbsolute policy and change static and staticPolicy to use noDots and isNotAbsolute policies by default. (Thanks to Nick Hibberd!)

  • Add unsafeStaticPolicy, which behaves as the old insecure staticPolicy behaved.

  • Add changelog