Parse Google Protocol Buffer specifications https://github.com/k-bx/protocol-buffers

Version on this page:2.1.6
LTS Haskell 7.21:2.4.0
Stackage Nightly 2016-09-14:2.4.0
Latest on Hackage:2.4.0
BSD3 licensed by Christopher Edward Kuklewicz
Maintained by Kostiantyn Rybnikov

Module documentation for 2.1.6

To regenerate the plugin haskell files, please run

hprotoc -u --prefix=Text -d protoc-gen-haskell -I google-proto-files/ google/protobuf/plugin.proto

This was last populated from version 2.4.0a of Google's code.

Also, one can invoke cabal build to make dist/autogen and then

ghci -package parsec- -idist/build/autogen -iprotoc-gen-haskell Text/ProtocolBuffers/ProtoCompile.hs

should work.
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