Enumeratees for the incremental conversion of builders to bytestrings.

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BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Simon Meier

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This package integrates the builders from the blaze-builder package with the enumerator package. It provides infrastructure and enumeratees for incrementally executing builders and pass the filled chunks to a bytestring iteratee.



Fixed compiliation on GHC <7.8 by adding a flag to control whether the new
blaze-builder is pulled in (with bytestring-builder, which is also necessary
on older GHC).


Allowed use of blaze-builder 0.4.


Widened dependency on bytestring to allow for bytestring-0.10


Widened dependency on transformers to allow for transformers-0.3


Changed licence to BSD3


Widened blaze-builder dependencies.


Removed left-over flag -fno-warn-unused-binds in .cabal file to allow
blaze-builder-enumerator to be built with GHC 6.10.


An enumeratee that allows to incrementally execute builders and pass-on the
produced bytestrings to an inner iteratee.

Complete rewrite by Simon Meier <> merging the builder
enumeratee code by Michael Snoyman <> with the new
buffered output support provided by blaze-builder-

* 0.1

Original version by Thomas Sutton <>
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