Bindings to libnotify library

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LTS Haskell 9.21:0.2
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MIT licensed by Emon Tsukimiya, Matvey Aksenov
Maintained by Matvey Aksenov

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Bindings to libnotify library

Note that although the bindings are distributed under MIT license everything else is GPLed. And by everything I mean everything: glib, libnotify, haskell bindings to glib, and so forth. That effectively means that by using libnotify bindings you agree your project is GPLed too. Sorry about that!



  • Added Semigroup (Mod a) to satisfy GHC 8.4


  • Added appName, a way to provide a custom application name for a notification.

  • Renamed ServerInfo record accessors, so that they are less likely to conflict with other definitions.

  • Fixed Monoid instance for Mod

  • More complete and correct low level interface
  • Fix memory leak in notify_notification_new
  • Completely reworked high level interface
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