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Welcome to HDBC, Haskell Database Connectivity.

This package provides a database backend driver for Sqlite version 3.

Please see HDBC itself for documentation on use. If you don't already
have it, you can browse this documentation at

This package provides one function in module Database.HDBC.Sqlite3:

{- | Connect to an Sqlite version 3 database. The only parameter needed is
the filename of the database to connect to.

All database accessor functions are provided in the main HDBC module. -}
connectSqlite3 :: FilePath -> IO Connection


SQLite is unable to return the number of modified rows from a table
when you run a "DELETE FROM" command with no WHERE clause.

On the topic of thread safety, SQLite has some limitations, and thus
HDBC programs that use SQLite will share those limitations. Please
see for more details.

describeTable and describeResult are not supported by this module.


Before installing this package, you'll need to have HDBC 0.99.0 or
above installed. You can download HDBC from

You'll need either GHC 6.8.x or above, or Hugs 2006xx or above.


The steps to install are:

1) ghc --make -o setup Setup.lhs

2) ./setup configure

3) ./setup build

4) ./setup install (as root)

If you're on Windows, you can omit the leading "./".


To use with hugs, you'll want to use hugs -98.

To use with GHC, you'll want to use:

-package HDBC -package HDBC-sqlite3

Or, with Cabal, use:

Build-Depends: HDBC>=2.0.0, HDBC-sqlite3

-- John Goerzen
January 2009
December 2005



  • Compatibility with GHC 7.10.