GPL-3.0-only licensed and maintained by Dimitri Sabadie
This version can be pinned in stack with:tellbot-0.6.1@sha256:2ae609fcb0ef9ad91f5452568d302e24f1da799141f9f0059be1c096efec037a,1681

Module documentation for 0.6.1

There are no documented modules for this package.

An IRC bot that can be used to create queuing message. It also offers a simple administration IRC bot interface.




  • GHC 8.0.1 support.

  • Support for transformers-0.6 and bifunctors-5.3.

  • Fixed exception reading stream (UTF-8 fail).


  • Fixed IRC colors change in HTML title.


  • Fixed IRC colors change in HTML title.

  • Fixed IRC injection in HTML title.

  • Fixed IRC injection in HTML title.

  • Support for bifunctors-5.1.
  • Fixed whitespaces issues in tellbot.cabal.
  • Fixed useless line in

  • Nicer colors for titles.
  • Fixed title (whitespaces trimming).

Patch changes

  • Added colors!

Patch changes

  • Fixed UTF-8 issues with titles.
  • Fixed looping on failure (uncaught exception).

  • Fixed


  • Dropped errors dependency.

  • fixed HTML entities to correctly decode them
  • removed newlines from title

  • added regex list support to filter trusted hosts

  • added HTML in other-modules (doesn’t compile otherwise)

  • patch for old GHC versions (fixes uses of pure)


  • added an URL parser to detect what it contains


  • dependencies updated.

  • bug fix; tells undeletion has been fixed (sorry for bugging, Den!).

  • bug fix; nickname case sensitivity removed.

  • changed the format of author and maintainer fields in the cabal file;
  • general changelog formating;
  • added the changelog in the cabal file;
  • added source repository information in the cabal file.

  • Notices are now limited to the channel (no need to notice one user).

  • Notices are now available! See the help for further information.

  • Fallback !tell behavior – it was a bad idea; now we can use the command even if the user is there;
  • help in private.

  • Changed credits.

  • It’s now required to set a password when running the bot on a channel; that password will be asked when a user attempts to take control of the bot with !do pwd action parameters; that enables a user to reop, for instance, or make the bot say something, or whatever (!help for further information);
  • Removed the !help output when using !help;
  • Made the bot a bit less rude ;).

  • When a message is recorded for a specific user, the bot now lets you know in private.

  • Tells are now private; the bot still outputs anything else on the channel.

  • It’s now possible to pass the nick of the tellbot on the command line.

  • The bot now only delivers a message at first message after join.

  • The bot rejoins on kick.

  • Added support for IRC server anti-DDoS and netsplit;
  • Fixed issues with privileged folks;
  • The tellbot will not register stories for itself.

  • Fixed flood attempts;
  • Changed !tell behavior; now the tellbot will refuse to record your message(s) if the recipient is already in the same room as you and the tellbot – the recipient has to be out off the room – and it will tell the message(s) when the recipient joins.

  • Initial release.