Client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ)

Version on this page:0.14.1
LTS Haskell 22.29:0.22.2
Stackage Nightly 2024-07-13:0.23.0
Latest on Hackage:0.23.0

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Holger Reinhardt
Maintained by Holger Reinhardt
This version can be pinned in stack with:amqp-0.14.1@sha256:4b930cfb0f1353305eb46e4e828ad9b484964ab8a53d2a19d7363f5d01e26802,2643

Module documentation for 0.14.1

Client library for AMQP servers (currently only RabbitMQ)


Version 0.14.1

  • show all exceptions if no host can be connected to

Version 0.14.0

  • publishMsg now returns the message sequence-number
  • new TLSCustom field in TLSSettings

Version 0.13.1

  • don’t print to stderr when openConnection fails to connect to a broker

Version 0.13.0

Version 0.12.3

  • send version info of this library to RabbitMQ on connecting

Version 0.12.2

  • GHC 7.10 compatibility

Version 0.12.1

  • error messages now go to stderr

Version 0.12.0

  • new function addChannelExceptionHandler

Version 0.11.0

  • all content fields for messages are now supported

Version 0.10.0

  • the maximum number of channels can now be set

Version 0.9.0

  • add ‘global’ flag for qos

Version 0.8.3

  • implement closeChannel

Version 0.8.0

  • TLS support
  • new helper function rejectEnv
  • new field exchangeArguments in ExchangeOpts
  • new module Network.AMQP.Lifted with consumeMsgs functions lifted to MonadBaseControl

Version 0.7.0

  • new function fromURI to parse AMQP URIs
  • heartbeat support

Version 0.6.0

  • new function addReturnListener which allows specifying a handler for returned messages
  • new function openConnection’’ with support for most AMQP connection options
  • better error message on failed connection handshake

Version 0.5.0

  • support for AMQP 0-9-1
  • new function consumeMsgs’ which allows you to pass in a field-table
  • new function bindExchange allows for binding an exchange to another exchange
  • new function unbindQueue allows unbinding a queue from an exchange
  • new function unbindExchange allows unbinding an exchange from an exchange

Version 0.4.3

  • use Handles instead of sockets
  • fix deprecation warnings from Data.Binary

Version 0.4.2

  • add (Read, Ord, Eq, Show) instances for most data-types

Version 0.4.1

  • add queueHeaders field to QueueOpts

Version 0.4

  • Data.Text is now used instead of Strings. Using the OverloadedStrings extension will make upgrading easier
  • the field-types in Network.AMQP.Types should now be more compatible with RabbitMQ
  • hostnames passed to openConnection will now be resolved
  • basic QoS support
  • exceptions thrown in a callback will not erroneously close the channel anymore