BSD-3-Clause licensed and maintained by Alexander Thiemann
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Generate useful files for Haskell projects

Cli Usage: hackmanager

$ hackmanager --help
hackmanager - Generate useful files for Haskell projects

Usage: hackmanager COMMAND
  Simplify managing Haskell projects by generating files like,
  .travis.yml, etc.

Available options:
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:

(c) 2015 Alexander Thiemann - BSD3 License

Library Usage Example

module Main where

import Hack.Manager.Collector
import Hack.Manager.Readme

import qualified Data.Text as T

main :: IO ()
main =
    do pi <- getProjectInfo
       case pi of
         Left err -> putStrLn err
         Right info ->
             do rm <- renderReadme info
                putStrLn (T.unpack rm)


  • From Source (cabal): git clone && cd hackmanager && cabal install
  • From Source (stack): git clone && cd hackmanager && stack build


  • Automagically collect package information such as
    • package name
    • GHC compatibility
    • stack Project
    • Hackage / Stackage status
    • License
    • Examples
    • Cli Usage
  • Typecheck examples
  • Generate informative (Can be extended using a
  • Generate .travis.yml (cabal or stack based)
  • Generate .gitignore

The generated .travis.yml and .gitignore are intended as starting templates, while the generated should not be modified by hand. Rerun hackmanager readme before every commit (commit hook?) to keep it up to date. If you would like to add custom sections, create a


There’s no real roadmap - I will add features as needed. I am open to any contributions!


Supported GHC Versions

  • 7.10.2


Released under the BSD3 license. (c) 2015 Alexander Thiemann