High-performance application metric tracking

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MIT licensed by Ian Duncan
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  • Data
    • Data.HealthCheck
    • Data.Metrics
      • Data.Metrics.Counter
      • Data.Metrics.Gauge
      • Data.Metrics.Histogram
        • Data.Metrics.Histogram.Internal
      • Data.Metrics.Internal
      • Data.Metrics.Meter
        • Data.Metrics.Meter.Internal
      • Data.Metrics.MovingAverage
        • Data.Metrics.MovingAverage.ExponentiallyWeighted
      • Data.Metrics.Registry
      • Data.Metrics.Reporter
        • Data.Metrics.Reporter.StdOut
      • Data.Metrics.Reservoir
        • Data.Metrics.Reservoir.ExponentiallyDecaying
        • Data.Metrics.Reservoir.Uniform
      • Data.Metrics.Snapshot
      • Data.Metrics.Timer
        • Data.Metrics.Timer.Internal
      • Data.Metrics.Types

A port of Coda Hale's excellent metrics library for the JVM

For motivation about why you might want to track application metrics, check Coda's talk:

Interesting portions of this package's documentation were also appropriated from the metrics library's documentation: